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Returning to U.S. to take NLP Practitioner Course in San Diego

I’ve been interested in Nero Linguistic Programming (NLP) for many years. I've been wanting to take the basic practitioner class but was very concerned about the cost because you would have to go to some city and stay for six days in a hotel. Of course you also have the $2000 course fee on top of that. So I spent a lot of time on the Internet searching for what it would appear to be competent NLP instructors. I finally found one that seemed to be appreciated and seem to be doing a good job so I signed up.

I arrived on a Saturday, hailed a taxi, and was deposited at the hotel where the training took place. After checking in I rang Kevin Cole, the instructor, to let them know that I was there. He said great there was going to be a get together from about 6 to 10: he would see me there.

I don't want to use this entry to take up a lot of time about the nine-day course, but I will summarize this way. I learned a fair amount, enough to know that the way my brain works in my difficulty memorizing is going to make it very difficult for me to actually practice NLP as a counselor. I also realized that Kevin Cole himself was quite new at leading these workshops. Actually he had only done 11 up to this point. I thought he did only an adequate job. He had no training in related communications fields, and was anything but an inspirational speaker. This all came together on the second weekend when he invited a guest instructor to help him with one of the final processes.

The woman whom he brought in (and whom I cannot name here because of her professional life) was at the opposite end of the spectrum. She was a high-energy physical fitness coach who had about a decade of advanced communications experience from a raft of well-known coaches such as Tony Robbins. She was, in fact, a graduate of Tony's advanced course.

So I left feeling that I had missed out on what could've been a remarkable experience. I ended up with a salad instead of a steak.

Yes you have the testimonial, but that was not optional.

I will continue my NLP studies and perhaps over time will learn to use meta-models and hypnotic speech patterns in my daily life.


Although I don’t have any photographs of this trip, I’ve included the link to the testimonial that all the graduates were “encouraged” to provide… one after the other on the last day of the 9-day training.


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