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Houston Fetish Flea

I don’t want to write blogs only about all the conferences we attend, however, this one was particularly fun because of our “Playing Hard with a Lady” presentation.

Some background.

I’ve known the event producer for a number of years. I’ve presented at Providence Fetish Flea twice. Although she owns the Fetish Flea productions, she lets Sir Percy handle that one.

Anyway, when we arrived in Houston and were speaking with her about the presentation, she said that here could be no nudity, per the hotel rules.

“No nudity?” I asked


“But this is a class that teaches how to play with a pussy. How do we do this without nudity? Jen doesn’t even own any underwear!”

Well, Jen thought about it for a while and then took the car out and bought some men’s boxer shorts. We then cut the seam open so she was reasonably visible. Rather than have the participants sit, we had them crowd around her and placed a watch-guard at the door. It was a lot of fun when she squirted and the crowd took a unified step back to avoid the splash. Towards the middle of the presentation we just took the men’s boxers all the way off. She squirted and squirted and squirted. Audience loved it.

What an experience!

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